Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thanks a lot, Umatku

Well, I knew it was only a matter of time before I ruined the energy on this blog! I should have stopped at the pathetic moon rendering attempt. Anyway, after posting and getting excited about finally having a few good, like-minded, and healthy folks on my side, I decided to set up shop outside the local grocery store (famous chain whose name shall not be mentioned out of fear and possible free advertising which they do not need as it is). Anyway, the way I figured, I am close to enough citizens of this town (who are well aware of my eccentric and at times "weird" behavior) that I decided to send some "messages of hope" to the local tribe. Everybody else, it seems, is pushing an agenda of sorts outside the electronically controlled doors; high school football players carrying helmets to fund their road to victory, politicians promoting their twisted agendas, veterans looking to rid themselves of one thousand fake red flowers, and various other groups asking for help. Well, I thought I could solve two problems at once. I wanted to offer help and send a message of good will and enlightenment. Not to mention, I was going to promote recycling and economy savings, too!

Ok, so it wasn't a very good idea, but let me tell you.....I had the best intentions in the world, and nobody had a clue what I was attempting to pull off. My plan was to kindly borrow my daughter's plastic swimming pool, and using the permanent hose outside the grocery store which is there for plant watering, I was going to fill up on location. Next, I planned to use the discarded bottles inside the "REDEMPTION CENTER" and stuff them with random notes like "You're beautiful" or "Tomorrow is going to be better than today" or "Remember when you were four and laughed at anything silly?" or even "Please leave a happy message for someone else". Then I was going to prop up a pre-made board which read "Send an SOS to the World: I Hope That Someone Gets My Message In A Bottle".

Let me cut to the chase. It was bad enough carrying a huge purple and pink swimming pool through the parking lot and even worse to be asked "Sir, what are you doing? You can't set this up here."

I aborted the operation, but smiled heartily at the attempt and thought of pulling it off.


  1. omg, that is fantastic!! I love that idea - I could imagine it happening as you described, and how quickly the wind was totally let out of the balloon of your joyful intent... Back to the drawing board - somehow recycling plastic bottles, while sending messages inside does have potential!! thanks for bringing me a joyful out loud laugh tonight :D

  2. YOU + our friend Jim with some fantastic news via the phone made my night!!!! holy crap that is such a cool idea... LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! really do it. all you need is a bit of permission and i know just the place - Ancona's Market in branchville... seriously tom, that is such a f'ing great idea. One of the owners loved the peace rock idea and i had a 1/2 hour conversation with him about community and edgy ideas to get positive messages out. wow! i would love to do it with you and video tape it. thanks for the spirit you have and that you share it openly:) peace and a hug, j