Thursday, October 1, 2009

S.O.S message in the bottle...

(or can I at least invite gibbler, "the pappanator" to do it
at my studio sale - saturday, nov. 14th?)

wow tom, that is just such an awesome idea.
i am guessing w*mart? or stop and shop...
Ancona's Market may just be the place - you name the time
and if i am free - i am there with you, the swimming pool
and my paint pens.

it reminds me a little of the time i sat
at the farmer's market in ridgefield and gave out
signs that read "we are free - tibetans are not"
in protest of the olympics being in china opening on 08/08/08
people walked 10 FEET AROUND ME... looked at
me strangely and didn't really want to have anything
to do with me.  i tried to explain that i didn't think the olympics
were bad - just the idea of having them in CHINA?!?

anyway - TOM - your idea is so much more of a POSITIVE ONE
and i am LOVING that you tried and even more so that you
posted about it. you rule.

this was my post on my blog:

finally back at home.... in my studio.... and inspired
to do a protest/art thing... it was 8/8/08 and the opening of the olympic games
so i made a bunch of these cards
and brought them to the farmer's market in ridgefield to hand out to people
i told them that i was trying to inspire mindfulness about what is
going on in Tibet and the Olympics in China.
i am not boycotting the olympics, i just want people to think about how
badly the Chinese government treats the Tibetans
and i can't support them hosting something that is supposed to
symbolize freedom (like the olympics)

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