Saturday, October 3, 2009

ganesh is fresh!

mc. yogi rocked jivamukti!
if you are not familiar with his music
you can check it out here:
we went to see him last night
and i had a great time... dancing, singing
and hoolahooping - yes tom - hoolahooping!
... boys can hoolahoop - we saw them doing it there!
his concert had a few messages that i think connect to
what we are doing here:

1. spread the love (through singing or whatever floats your boat)
2. connect with the greater community (he and his musicians are doing a great
collaborative project with music from other parts of the world)
3. do something nice - that makes a difference

yup, that third one - so umatku... at the end, he actually challanged everyone
in the audience to come up with something to do that would make
a difference - no matter how small...
still haven't figured out what i'm going to do
what rock star does that? not many - unfortunately...
and he warmly said hello to me in a "namaste kind of way"
- a total stranger - most people don't even take the time
to do that to people they see every day (including me!)
thank you m.c. yogi, valerie, jenn and will!!!!!

m.c. yogi from jennifer mazzucco on Vimeo.

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