Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is this what I'm supposed to be doing here?

Jenn, I think the idea of creating such a community is beautiful. To me, it's kind of like planting wild flowers in the side lawn of an elderly neighbor's forgotten patch of grass. You know, the patch that has not been mowed in years because it's brown and lost among the overgrown privet or myrtle or whatever? Not to mention, the owner can't tend the lawn anymore because he's too old and weak. He might even be in a wheelchair or something. But at any rate, the wildflowers will pop up...eventually...and showcase themselves as the one bright spot in an otherwise empty plot.

So, this first post had to mean something to me because it means so much to you, too. And therefore it is fitting that I waited until tonight. It marks the beginning of tomorrow on many levels. First of all, in one minute (as I write) it will be midnight or the start of September 27th. I begin my day writing to this community of (mostly) folks I've never met! It also happens to be the night of christening fire for my new Vermont (handcrafted) wood stove which Will embarked upon a crazy mission with me to acquire. I sent him a "live" photo in order to be a part of the initiation. And finally, today marks the first time I ever left a bar and decided to not go home.

Last night I decided to paint. I never paint. I am not a "canvas" painter. So I made do and headed north just after 11:30 pm (Sep. 26th). Probably not a good move considering I was drunk but nonetheless motivated to have a pep-rally of sorts in order to kick this blog's effort off. The Saugatuck Reservoir was just up the road from Barcelona's, and my truck has enough oil paint and scrap lumber to do the trick. I figured on painting the moon. It turned out to be a terrible rendition considering a 2X4 piece of cedar and Benny Moore HC 38 have nothing in common, but I must say; it was one hell of a good time. Not to mention, it reminded me of my love for poetry.


Quit complaining
and paint your own damn moon.
You can make it a full one, too.
Or maybe
you just feel like a sliver
and don't care
about the possibility
of all the world's oceans
spilling out
from their unknown depths
and leaving us with
a cavernous rip. Tied
into so many knots,
I decided to paint
my own moon
my own face
plastered on the surface
and pulled tight
from speeding at the speed of light
because they say
you can witness the reflection
of every human experience
ever experienced-
and I hope to find

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  1. tom, that is an AMAZING first post!!! love it, it is just so YOU.... so tom... the poem is perfect - wish i could see a pic of the painting of the moon you did, but understand if you don't want to share that. your comparison of this blog being similar to planting flowers in your elderly neighbor's yard is a beautiful one... thank you so much for being a part of this. the way i see it is, how could you not? i will see if i can post pics of everyone involved in this blog so you can at least "meet" the people in your new online community.
    peace out, j