Sunday, September 20, 2009

International Peace Day - 9/21

this is the peace one day project i did with my students. got some rocks donated, every student at my school decorated them, i read them the book, "Peace One Day", by Jeremy Gilley, we watched the documentary (the Day After Peace), then i took all of the rocks and gave one to over 100 businesses in town to promote awareness about the day and spread the peace... hope you enjoy:)


  1. Well done Jennifer!! thanks for putting this blog together, the header turned out great. You've been busy - over 100 businesses?! fantastic! bravo to you and Will collaborating your musical talents for the video, as well. great kick off :)
    xox K

  2. thanks karin! our first comment - so exciting! yup - my feet and back still hurt from my excursion around ridgefield yesterday, but it was so worth it. i met some really interesting people and got lots of smiles and support. it was a drop in the bucket compared to jeremy gilley's 10 years of non stop work to get this day going and succeed with his mission of nonviolence and cease-fire! lots of love and peace, jennifer

  3. beautiful blog.... love the design............ love your students' peace rocks...... r & I think you are a great teacher.........................!! much love, j

  4. What a wonderful story...I watched local news yesterday, network news and listened to Free Speech radio and not a mention of this important day. It's good to know that you shared with children...they are our future peacemakers.
    hug, hug

  5. Is this blog open to other contributors...I would love to be part of it?
    in peace...

  6. hey julie! thanks for the comment:) let's talk - my email is - please put "umaktu" in the subject line so I know who you are. saw your blog - the peace flag/seed doll is so powerful!