Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Imagine... a world without borders.

It would be wonderful if like John Lennon, once wrote the lyrics for the song "Imagine" we had a world without borders. However that is not the case. But within our own worlds we can try and join our communities. Last March in our tiny Todos Santos community (Baja California Sur/Mexico) I organized the Todos Santos Wall of Saints project. 39 artists from Latin America, US, Canada and Europe came together with 39 children from Todos Santos for a joint project. The only language we spoke was "Art & Paint", there were no differences. It was a joyful event, which brings a smile to all when we drive by the wall everyday. This was one of several projects sponsored by A.R.T.S (Artists of Todos Santos) and The Palapa Society.

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  1. wow gloria - I LOVE IT! such a beautiful idea... bringing the community/communities together. I have an opportunity to do this with Ancona's Market - and now I may just borrow your idea and see if I can get a bunch of artists together with my 8th grade to do a mural! thank you so much for posting. hope you are well. hugs, jennifer